Room For accommodation of our guests, we offer 1 double bed, 2 three-bed, 1 four-bed room in the first floor, and a four-bed apartment in the ground floor. The rooms are, with ingenuity, composed into the roof frame-work and are completely laid in with natural wood. Tasteful equipment of the rooms with
light-colour furniture with other-colour covers form, together with wooden finish, a cosy entity where every guest of ours feels well.

Bathroom As a part of every room, there is a bathroom equipped with a wash-basin, shower corner and a toilet. The bathrooms' finish is made
of white-varnished wood; and the whole bathroom's space, with its carefully chosen equipment, makes a very harmonic impression.

In case you do not want to spend your evening time in the common room, a colour TV is prepared for you in every room, with an offer of both Czech and world programmes from satellite channels. Heating by ecological electric direct-heating panels is a pleasant solution during autumn sleets and frosty winter nights.

Note: Ovenware, spiral heaters and other cookers cannot be used in the rooms. No smoking is allowed in the rooms too.


The common room takes the central space of the upstairs. There are a large plasma TV, a hi-fi and a DVD player available.